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Our History

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  • Thank You Hurricane Helpers - You connected me with a licensed roofer in my area. They got the job done fast and quick and through my insurance. 

    George Johnson Hurricane Victim
  • Thank you Hurricane Helpers! Our family was impacted by Hurricane Harvey and you gave us great information on where to go to get help. Much appreciated. 

    Marry Shusi Hurricane Victim


Want to know more about Hurricane Helpers?


  • 1991

    Where all the things begin

    This was our first Hurricane Andrew and realized the effects of Hurricanes
  • 2005

    Hurricane Hit 

    After 2005 and seeing the devastation we helped launch our first successful campaign for Hurricane Helpers
  • 2016

    Hurricane Matthew

    This was a scare but we helped as much as we could in Florida
  • 2017


    This is when we are needed the most!